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Trade Shows: Bringing Your Brand to Life

Toronto comes to life in the summer; after isolating months of winter hibernation, the city rejoices in warm weather and longer days. This increase of temperature brings a myriad of outdoor activities, including exciting sporting festivals and events.

The warm season, and these events, provide an excellent opportunity to exhibit your business, because there will be many attendees, including several out-of-towners and tourists.

You’ll be able to reach an audience you may not have access to at other times of the year. There are many festivals and events that happen throughout the summer in Toronto, and you’re particularly in luck if sports and recreation are your specialties.

Consider the following reasons why exhibiting at festivals and events is beneficial to your brand’s image and growth.

You will Meet and Connect with Potential Customers

No other marketing tool allows you to speak with existing and potential customers quite like a trade show or industry event. You’re on the floor, meeting attendees, and providing a face to your brand.

Live events give you the opportunity to discuss your services and products on a human level. Customers develop trust in brands that provide transparency.

At your exhibit booth, you create a connection between your brand and attendees by interacting and delivering memorable and educational product demonstrations.

You Can Close Deals with Customers during the Event

First things first: you will need a dazzling exhibit booth in order to capture attention. Find the right marketing company with the best pop up displays in Toronto to captivate individuals with interactive technology and stunning visuals.

Once attendees are admiring your booth, you can make the pitch. At trade shows and events, a sales pitch is far less intimidating than conducting it over an outbound sales call or even in a retail space, as audiences attending industry events typically have a sincere and pre-qualified interest in your products and services.

Hiring a team of professional brand ambassadors who partner with you to interact with attendees is always an excellent idea. They are additional set of hands that can help turn attendees into leads.

You and your staff humanize your brand because you’re interacting with attendees face-to-face. Attendees can even sample your products and services before purchase, and they can experience what you’re offering through demonstrations and live activations.

Unlike traditional outbound marketing, in which rejection is the norm, industry events and trade shows provide one of the few environments where you may benefit from an audience of prospective customers that are genuinely interested in purchasing your products and services.

Thinking about expanding your audience this summer? Consider taking your brand to some of Toronto’s exciting industry events and trade shows. You can showcase your brand to thousands of people at events such as the 2019 Honda Toronto Indy or the 2019 Rogers Cup this summer.

With thoughtful strategy and excellent display booth design, you’ll be standing out from the crowd in no time.

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