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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification: Be on Top of Your Career

Six Sigma is a multistage platform used by companies in order to solve their problems. It employs statistical methodologies to identify the problems and their root causes, provide the solutions and to sustain a consistent gain in improvements.

If you are interested in the sector of quality management and want to learn small but effective methodologies, then PrepAway Six Sigma Practice Test certification is ideal for you. It provides a basic understanding of how to implement, perform, and apply Lean Six Sigma on a small scale.

What can it be used for?

With Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification, one can implement the techniques to make the projects successful. If one has the credential, one can be selected as a project member who will assist the administration of projects headed by Six Sigma Green and Black Belts.

The eligibility criteria

There are no eligibility criteria as such for this certification.

Certification details

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Beltis provided by The Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC) and can be obtained in two different ways:

Option 1: Pass the single test - Official CSSC Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification exam, which contains 50 true/false and multiple-choice questions. The exam is an open-book format and has no time limit. To complete the exam, the candidate should score a minimum of 140 points out of 200 possible. The fee for the exam is $150, and the applicant is given 3 attempts to clear the test. In case if all 3 attempts were unsuccessful, the individual has to pay the fee again to retake the test.

Option 2: Take a series of 11 mini-exams using a free Self-Study Guide offered by Six Sigma. Each exam corresponds to a chapter from a book and consists of 10-15 questions. All the exams are available online and can be taken any time after completing the relevant chapter. The exams are an open-book format and have no time limit. The passing score for each exam is 70%, and the assessment fee is $500 USD. The candidates have an unlimited number of attempts for each exam, but the path should be completed within 12 months since the registering date.

How to prepare?

There are numerous training centers where qualified trainers provide the required information and training for the successful exam preparation. The official website of The Council for Six Sigma Certification and various other platforms provide the information which can be used as a guideline. There are also various online question banks which provide the relevant information required to clear the exam. These programs are not a necessity but are highly recommended.

The official site offers a free Self-Study Guide for Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification. You can also find a full list of approved training providers on and choose the most convenient option.

Additional resources:

Yellow Belt Certification preparation offered by ASQ

Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt Question Bank by ASQ

Books and study material:

The Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt Handbook

What are these courses for?

During these courses, you will be introduced to the basic principles and implementation tools of Lean Six Sigma. Some of the concepts that would be presented in these classes are:

Waste identification and strategic reduction

Process variables mapping

Statistical and graphical analysis

FMEA – Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

Usage of PDCA (plan-do-check-act) methodology

Receiving the certification

After completing the exam, an official Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification is awarded to the individual. The credential allows the owner to use the respective titles and include the certification in resumes and professional profiles.

How can this certification help your profession?

Six Sigma certification has received recognition by businesses all over the world for the added efficiency it brings.

People reach high career goals faster: In today’s competitive world, people are achieving great heights. Upon acquiring this certification, one does not only stand out from the crowd but gets the benefit of being able to use the knowledge to solve the problems efficiently. Since this certification is versatile, it can be implemented in multiple fields.

Increased demand for the certified individuals: The availability of the advanced degrees like MBA is quite common in people’s resumes. When a certification like Six Sigma is seen alongside these degrees, the candidate’s resume naturally goes on top of the stack because there is a huge demand for people who can solve the problems and eliminate the errors.

Increased salary: This feature cannot be left unnoticed. Once you are equipped with the knowledge that is not so common, your position in your organization becomes much higher. And of course, along with the position comes the pay. It is seen that on average, Six Sigma Certification holders are paid the salary of $60,000 to $70,000 per year, which is much more than what the salary of non-certified individuals working in the same field.

Job security: The certification is like a token that makes the specialist indispensable. When the individual stands out from the crowd and his/her services are valuable in the field, the person's position automatically becomes secure.

Leadership opportunities: When it is noticed that you can solve problems, identify errors, and run the projects efficiently, you may be offered a post related to leading projects.

Lean Six Sigma versus Six Sigma certification

While the two methodologies are quite similar, Lean Six Sigma focuses on highly streamlined processes. According to Six Sigma methodologies, only if the customers are willing to pay for something, it has a value. The methodology narrows down and cuts off unnecessary steps. Technically, both methodologies are effective in their own ways and provide a successful result. But, Lean Six Sigma is recommended for those who work in the public sectors.


The certification can change the professional life of the candidate. A small investment in getting certified can result in successful working on the important positions. Six Sigma Yellow Belt enables the individuals to apply their knowledge in the real life. The certified professional can increase the efficiency and productivity of every project. Undoubtedly, the certification is highly accredited and extremely beneficial to both the employee and the company. Six Sigma Yellow Belt can be really beneficial for all the individuals who are interested in the field of quality management and assessment.

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