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5 Popular Lifestyle Trends Torontonians will Follow in 2019

The new year is often an excuse for people to augment their existing lifestyles and while many only make small changes or adopt new fads, there are plenty of new lifestyle trends that can make lasting impacts on your life. This list features some innovative changes you can make to your life in 2019 to make your life even better.

1. Plant-Based Skin Products

The organic personal care market has exploded in growth in the recent years, with Grand View Research, a marketing consultancy firm, expecting the industry to be worth $25 billion by 2025. This rapid expansion has brought a plethora of companies to the foreground and has created a massive market for consumers to dip their toes into.

At their core, all plant-based skin products use combinations of natural ingredients from all over the world. These products can range dramatically in price, but offer a myriad of remedies for ailing skin conditions. A good chunk of these products are also entirely vegan, lending them further credibility for the eco-focused consumer.

2. Eco-Tourism

Green travel has been around since 2012, but according to several travel companies and research firms, the trend has finally reached the mainstream and is beginning to entice more traditional travellers. The prospect of leaving as little eco-footprint as possible, is quickly taking over most consumer industries and implementing it into vacationing gives travellers the ability to visit destinations in the most ecological way possible.

There are already a myriad of eco-tourism companies based out of Toronto, with many offering tailored excursions to remote environments around the world.

3. Non-Traditional Nicotine

Vaping and e-cigarettes have been around for some time now, but the technology driving the tech has never been more advanced. Recent innovations in the industry has focused more on portability and potency, allowing smokers to make an easier transition to non-traditional nicotine devices. Coupled with the rise in popularity of the JUUL, smokers now have less of a reason to discount the credibility of e-cigarettes.

Making the switch to vaping can be done entirley on your own, but visiting your local vape shop can provide valuable insights to finding a dependable device.

4. Virtual Reality Fitness

The bulk of VR products may be geared towards gamers and tech enthusiasts, but VR is begining to encroach into more aspects of regular life, especially in the health and fitness industries. By adopting VR tech into home fitness, users can eliminate the solidarity of home workouts, while adding a layer of gamification to their regular routines.

This lifestyle change will require a bit of a financial commitment, but for those looking to adopt innovation into their workout, there really is no better option.

5. Technological Isolation

This final trend may be the most drastic in the modern age, but it may just be the most rewarding. Technology has become incredibly integrated into our everyday lives, but many people are beginning to question whether it’s making us better and happier individuals. With nearly half of all Americans saying they feel lonely, some are looking at our connection with technology as the issue.

This lifestyle trend may be the hardest to accomplish, but by simply relying more on face-to-face interaction we may alleviate these symptoms on loneliness. This isn’t to say you need to throw out your smartphone, laptop, and computer, just a simple reduction can often lead to astronomical results.


While these lifestyle trends represent some of the most impactful for 2019, they are by no means the only changes you can make to your life. Instead of adopting overarching adjustments, focus on what you want to change most about yourself and make small steps towards larger progress. At the same time, it is important to keep sight of whatever goals you set,  there may be 365 days in a year, but everyday you put off meaningful change could be a day wasted.

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