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What to Do Before, During, and After a DUI Charge

If you find yourself charged with DUI, you could wind up losing your licence, gaining a criminal record, or even facing jail time. You can avoid these consequences by taking certain steps before you get behind the wheel of a vehicle. If you still make a costly mistake, what you do during and after the arrest may decide much of your future. Here are the steps that you need to take before, during, and after a DUI charge to make sure you properly protect yourself.

Before a DUI

The best way to avoid a drunk driving charge is to make sure that you don’t get behind the wheel while intoxicated in the first place. You can avoid this hazard by asking somebody to be your designated driver or making sure that you rely on public transportation to get you to and from any social event where you might engage in heavy drinking. If you did drive, either limit the number of drinks you have to less than three or give yourself at least an hour without drinking any alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. To go the extra mile, consider getting a portable breathalyzer so you can test yourself.

During the Arrest

When you get arrested for DUI, the manner in which you handle yourself can make a crucial difference in the way the rest of your case goes. Communicate as simply and clearly as possible with the arresting officer and make sure that you follow the instructions given to you. At the same time, you should avoid volunteering information or saying more than you need to say. While the arrest is going on, make sure to observe as much as you can about the officer’s behavior toward you. If the officer seems unusually belligerent or is asking you to perform unusual sobriety tests, this information will become important when you meet with a DUI lawyer to plan your defence.

After the DUI Charge

The biggest moment of helplessness and humiliation that you experience during the DUI process is likely to be your arrest. Once you have made your way through that, you can take control of your life and move forward once again. The first thing you need to do is write down all of your thoughts and information about the arrest, from the amount you had to drink to the police procedures you went through. Next, you should seek out an experienced DUI lawyer who has tried cases in your area. Present your side of the story to the lawyer, and that professional will compare it to police filings and other public records. Once you have selected your DUI lawyer, your defence can truly begin.

While it is easy to say that you can avoid a DUI charge by simply not driving while intoxicated, people do make mistakes and the unexpected can occur. When that happens, it’s time to follow the advice above and hire the best DUI lawyer you can find. Doing so may help you avoid fines and keep your driver’s licence.

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