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5 Helpful Hernia Supplies That Will Make Your Day Better

Living with a hernia isn’t easy. Whether you are waiting for your surgery date or the physician thinks that the situation does not require surgery at this time, there’s the need to contain the problem and be as comfortable as possible. That’s where supplies like hernia belts will make a difference. Here are five examples of supplies that you are likely to find helpful.

Adjustable Briefs

Depending on the severity of the hernia, you may need a minimum of support. Adjustable briefs with straps that make it possible to ensure the hernia is supported while also allowing a maximum amount of comfort is worth considering. You may find that with certain designs it helps to use medical tapes as a way to enhance support and ensure the brief remains in position.

Hernia Trusses and Belts

You may hear the terms hernia belts and hernia trusses used by different medical supply providers. They essentially refer to the same type of device, although there are a variety of truss styles made to help patients with certain types or hernias or hernias that have advanced to a certain stage. When it comes to selecting hernia bets or trusses, your doctor can help you identify the right design and provide some guidelines for the features the device must possess.

Larger Coverage Undergarments

Depending on the severity and type of the hernia, briefs may not be sufficient. When that happens, you will want to take a look at what is known as larger coverage undergarments. These typically include legs that encase the thighs much in the same way a pair of boxer briefs would encase the upper legs near the groin. They are also likely to come with a higher waist that the typical pair of hernia briefs.

While designs are bulkier, there are more options on the market today that have a slim look. That makes it all the easier to avoid any lines under your clothing. Remember that just as you may find medical tapes helpful with the briefs, they might come in hand with the larger undergarments.

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Skin Ointments and Creams

Wearing hernia belts or any type of underwear designed to support the weakened abdominal wall and prevent more shifting can also lead to skin irritation. You will want to check into skin ointments and creams that help to minimize chafing and keep the skin properly moisturized. These can be applied before donning the underwear or the belt. The better options are greaseless, have a slightly pleasant scent, and in general help you feel more comfortable while also protecting the skin.

Additional Hernia Pads

While some support garments do come with pads, there are also individual pads that you can purchase. They range from flat pads that offer plenty of support but work quite well when you want to engage in activities like swimming or running. There are also pads that are thicker and slightly larger than the ones found in some hernia underwear. If you need support for a special event or more support than the undergarments provide, those extra pads may come in just as handy as keeping medical tapes on hand.

The best way to determine what sort of hernia supplies are right for your condition is to have a word with your doctor. Discuss the pros and cons of belts, undergarments, and even the medical supplies you buy to keep the skin supple and soft. With the right combination of products, you will be able to live in relative comfort, prevent the hernia from getting worse, and feel good about the way you look in your clothing.

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