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Tips for home renovation in Toronto

For many Canadians, home renovation is a stupid idea. However, we would say that it is not always a bad one. Debating whether every home renovations project is a good decision is something very futile. It is just as futile as debating whether real estate is a worthy investment nowadays. Of course, a big number of properties are over-priced these days. However, there are a lot of factors and variables involved. Hence, we cannot really have a single accurate answer.

In this article, we talk about a number of home renovation tips in the case for residents in Toronto.

Do not underestimate the renovation costs

This tip can be useful for houseowners all over Canada, and not just in Toronto. According to a number of surveys and search engine data, it looks like most of the house owners have a very unrealistically small budget for their house renovation project.

In Toronto, the average budget for a kitchen renovation as expected by the house owners was $14480. This was,however, lesser by $5000. The national average for kitchen renovations,on the other hand, lie in between $19000 and $21000 depending on where you live. Also, it will depend on what material you will be using and if you can find cheap suppliers if you're planning to do it yourself.

The renovation is an expensive task. It requires licensed plumbing, electrical work, and licensed gas experts to reinstall the kitchen components. Indeed, it is a lot of work and all this work comes for a price. Let us not leave out the components such as doors and windows that you will get repaired/replaced.

When it comes to window replacement/repair, Cambridge windows is the prime choice for most of the residents in Toronto. This is because they offer an affordable service, in a city where everything else is quite expensive.

As compared to Toronto, the replacement windows pricing in Calgary is significantly lower. This also applies to a range of other house components.

Make sure that you are not over-renovating

When renovating a house, or at least a part of the house, it is very easy to over-renovate. It is very common for people to throw all their money away on high-end finishes and expensive remodels/components.

However, the home renovation does not offer a $1 for $1 return. Rather, sometimes, it turns out that the least expensive updates are more valuable than the expensive ones.

Do your research first

It is very important to conduct thorough research on the budget, the quotes in the market, and your renovation requirements. Moreover, it is important to set up an honest budget in order to avoid unexpected or unnecessary renovation costs.

Before you have multiple quotes, do not settle or sign a contract with a contractor. It is important to know everything that a particular contractor covers. Moreover, you must discuss the potential problems (surprises are often equal to added costs) and their possible solution.

Also, know that renovation takes time. It is not possible for one to renovate the entire home within two weeks. Renovations are neither cheap and nor quick. Rather, they can take anywhere from 4 to 16 weeks depending on the amount of work that you have to get done.

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