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Opportunity to Align Your Brand with Dave Hodge

I've been chatting with Dave Hodge, and he's interested in podcasting. Everything is in the very early stages and nothing is etched in stone, but the two shows he's considering are:

  1. a show modelled after The Reporters, possibly featuring the same journalists you remember from TSN
  2. a show in which Dave and a guest discuss sports, music, current events, etc.

The purpose of this entry is not to announce anything, because there isn't anything to announce yet, but to put out feelers to see if there are any brands interested in a partnership with Dave Hodge. Dave Hodge has been a trusty name in sports journalism for decades and this is a tremendous opportunity for the right business.

If that's you, please contact me for more details. If that might be someone you know, link them to this page.

I'd like to have Dave Hodge broadcasting again. I believe his voice and perspective is sorely missed.

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