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No Fees, No Surcharges, No Worries: Paytm App Review Part 4

In the first three parts of this series, we explored the convenience of installing the Paytm app on your smartphone and setting up your Paytm account for easy bill payments, and how easy it is to earn Paytm points and redeem these points for fantastic rewards. In this fourth part, I will answer the question you’re pondering right now.

When you install the Paytm for your Apple or Android device, there is no cost. The app is completely free. As explained in part 1, you can have it installed and set up with your bills and payment accounts (credit card or bank account) in minutes.

No Fees, No Surcharges, No Worries

When you make a bill payment, using your credit card, bank account or Paytm Cash, there is absolutely no service fee or surcharge. If your hydro bill is $74.22, you will pay $74.22. That’s the amount that will be charged to your credit card, or withdrawn from your bank account. Not a penny more.

I have personally been using the Paytm app to pay all of my bills since October 2017, and it hasn’t cost me an additional cent. But it’s certainly made me money, as I’ve earned many points on my MasterCard that I’ve redeemed for free groceries, I’ve earned Paytm cash that I’ve applied toward other bills, and I’ve earned thousands of Paytm points that I’ve redeemed for free rewards like Starbucks and Cineplex gift cards.

It doesn’t cost you money to use Paytm, it saves you money. That’s because Paytm is completely transparent with regards to how they make money. They don’t actually make any money through bill payments. They make it through their rewards. When you purchase a reward card from any of their vendors, Paytm makes money. So when you pay your bills, collect points and redeem rewards it’s a win-win for everyone!

Install Paytm today and give it a whirl. Paytm’s app is available for your smartphone now at

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