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How Many Foreign Students Come to Study in Toronto


Canada is often considered an attractive destination by many foreign students and each year more than 300,000 young people complete their higher education in this country. Their quality education and international prestige are the main reasons, but it also has an influence on university fees being cheaper than in other English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom or Australia.

Canadian legislation is quite open when it comes to immigrants, which helps foreign students feel comfortable and welcomed in the country, and many even choose to establish themselves in the country and work after finishing their studies.

Speaking of numbers, the amount of foreign students who decided to study in Canada has increased in recent years. By 2016, more than 400k students were registered in the country, which is twice the amount of those registered in 2007. However, it could be said that Canada hasn't yet reached the millions of foreign students who choose to study in the United States every year. Even so, the annual growth of the arrival of foreigners to the country is considerable.

There are several reasons that make Canada the perfect destination for international students:

Quality education

Canada is recognized worldwide as one of the countries with the highest level of education, not only because of the wide range of courses and high academic standards with teachers that want your best interest and even the possibility to buy an essay in Canada, but also because it is a country that opens its doors to foreigners from all over the world every year. This allows students to live more enriching interpersonal experiences.

Cosmopolitan cities

If there is something that distinguishes Canada is the diversity of the population it has, all cultures, religions, and nationalities come together in this country to make it one of the most cosmopolitan in the world. From coast to coast, from Toronto to Vancouver, cities are built on a multicultural model offering a rich cultural heritage and creating an accessible space for those who integrate into their different communities.

High level of security

Life is not all guns and roses in other places of the world. For many third world countries, it can be a relief to be able to live in a country where safety, cleanliness and public transport are the first class is a key element when choosing a destination. The experience of walking quietly, without having to be alert of cars respecting traffic and always clean streets, is something that perhaps more than one foreigner longs for. Canada is a country with a very high standard of living, and this is reflected in its level of public safety and in its internationally recognized health system.

Nature everywhere

If you are a nature lover, Canada will simply fascinate you. With 50 parks and national reserves throughout the country, you will never need a place to sightsee in the company of friends or a picnic on a summer day.

Even the largest cities, such as Toronto, offer green spaces everywhere, with their 10 million trees and the famous Niagara Falls a few kilometers from the city. On the other hand, Vancouver offers so many sports activities that you'll never get tired of enjoying them, from skiing in the winter to sailing or canoeing in its lakes during the summer.

Learn English with locals

Choosing a destination like Canada to learn English is one of the best decisions you can make. The language education opportunities are very varied and first class. Being in such an international environment but with native teachers and also getting to know many local Canadians, will help to learn the language faster.

Possibly a country with so much to offer from the point of view of the quality of life and education is the reason why Canada is the favorite destination for students from all over the world.

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