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Top Online Casino Bonus Trends: How come operators are getting so generous?

In the last few years we have seen a great  rise of online casinos and generally remote gambling. This has been massively  favoured by the new technologies that have allowed everyone to be connected  from everywhere at a great speed. Players are also hugely incentivised to make  the switch from the traditional casinos to online casinos. But what are the  trends in this sector and are really operators online more generous than  traditional casinos? As we have seen in a recent enquiry done by SkyNews  gambling companies have become more and more  aggressive with bonus. In this article, we have asked Casino Biggest Bonus .com what are  the bonus trends of 2018 and also why online casinos are able to provide more  benefits to players compared to land-based ones.

Huge competition
 One of the reasons why online casinos are  forced to give out more and more bonuses is because the marketplace is really  fluid with lots of new entrants every month. In order to survive an online  casino need to attract new players and retain the existing ones. A good way to  stay afloat of the competition is to offer a great product and also offer a  bonus that will make headlines and attract attention of potential new  customers.

Free Spins
 Slots are one of the most popular casino  games of all time and their popularity is continuing to increase. The reason is  that nowadays slots are resembling more and more to video games bringing the  entertainment to new levels. So to convince players to sign up the online  casinos normally offers free spins. Surely this is great news for players as  ultimately they can increase their chances of winning without risking anything.  The free spins offers are many and ultimately it will depend from how  aggressive an online casino is prepared to go to acquire new customers: there  are some casinos that are offering free spins just after a player has  registered a new accounts while others will firstly require a deposit to be  made. As a player it is advisable to shop around a bit so to get as many free  spins as possible as every free spin is an additional chance of walking out  from the casino with full pockets!

Loyalty Programs
 Once an online casino has acquired a new  player they also have to make sure they do retain it for as long time as  possible. This is the reason why many online casino are offering loyalty  programs that have the aim of locking the customer for a longer period of time  by rewarding his activity. For a consumer this is a great way to receive  benefits: loyalty programs can give customer free spins and also match deposits  bonuses when they have for example met some targets like made 5 or 10 deposits.

Bonuses are getting bigger
 When you looking at online casino bonuses  there is only one big trend to note: casino bonuses are getting bigger and  bigger. The competition is continuing to increase and this has forced brands to  offer always bigger and better bonuses. Also the changes in regulations of  several key jurisdictions like the UK have increase pressure on casinos that  now need to have much fairer terms and more transparency. This means that bonus  offers are more genuine and more valuable for customers. We don’t see this  trend to stop anytime soon so if you are looking to try out some online casino  make sure you take full advantage of all the free spins, free credits you can  get. In this way you will have fun, lower the risk significantly and ultimately  increase your chances of winning.

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