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Andy Frost is Leaving Q107

Last week, when I learned Al Joynes had been let go by Corus, I also heard Andy Frost was presented with a similar folder. Andy, however, was given something rather rare in radio. He would be allowed to say goodbye to the Q107 listenership on-air.


I decided not to write about Andy leaving the station, but earlier today, during episode 321 of Toronto Mike'd, Al Joynes let the cat out of the bag. Andy Frost is leaving Q107.

If you'd like to hear Andy and me discuss his lengthy career at Q107, I urge you to listen to episode 291. Andy first arrived at Q107 in the mid-80s and is now best known as host of Psychedelic Psunday.

Andy Frost and me

Andy's been a fixture on this city's airwaves for over three decades. Without a doubt, he'll be missed.

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