Corus Radio Cuts Get Al Joynes

There was a bit of a bloodletting at Corus yesterday. Amongst the casualties is long-time Q107 personality Al Joynes. Al Joynes had been at Q107 since 1988, although that includes two separate tours of duty at the station. Al will appear on Toronto Mike'd next week, so subscribe here so you don't miss it.


The program directors at both 102.1 the Edge and Q107 were also let go. That's Ross MacLeod and Blair Bartrem, respectively. Tammy Cole, a program director in Winnipeg, will be assuming both roles.

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Okay, so not exactly who I was thinking of, but perhaps there are still more to come?
I remember listening to Al at least 30 years ago, and have always been a fan of his
easygoing and jovial, informative manner. Rather than cutting long-serving veterans (probably
in order to save on maximum payout of pension benefits), perhaps they should rethink the
music and formats of several of their prominent local stations. Q has been a veritable trainwreck
since they stopped playing newer rock music entirely, regardless of how strong the case might be
that this brand of radio is long past dead!!

March 28, 2018 @ 9:52 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


To be clear, this is separate from that. That's a different entry that remains unpublished.

March 28, 2018 @ 9:55 AM


Yeah, I sort of figured that out when I saw your reply to my entry in that other thread!!
Thanks again for keeping us informed on these things and I don't mean this facetiously!

March 28, 2018 @ 9:57 AM


Man, you sure do work fast!! A Real Talk Deep Dive with Al Joynes is already in the works?
Hopefully the honesty will be plentiful on that forthcoming day, and I'm not talking about a
legendary Billy Joel tearjerker either!!

March 28, 2018 @ 10:41 AM

Andy Burns

Al's a good guy, and one of the many voices that inspired me to get into radio when I was kid. Our time together at Q107 was pretty short, but I liked him very much.

Blair Bartrem was hands down the best boss I ever had when I was at Q (2001-2007). Though I learned from all of the guys in charge, Blair has a way with people that few others do. He's thoughtful, he listens, and he always aimed to bring out the best in his staff. He also took criticism as well, from all of us. He was the boss, but he never held it over us. Like I said, he listens.

Blair had 13 years at Q, which is an incredible run. It was a privilege to work with him. I was a better writer for it.

March 28, 2018 @ 10:51 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

@Andy Burns

It's great to read that.


Since Al is joining me next week (or is it Joyning me?), ask him any questions you like in the comments here and I'll ask him on your behalf. You can also share a comment if you like...

What questions do you have for Al?

March 28, 2018 @ 10:56 AM

Ted Bird

I second what Andy said about Blair. I've known him for 33 years and worked with and for him at CHOM and CJFM (then MIX 96) in Montreal. He's one of those rare people who can balance friendship with office hierarchy, which speaks volumes about his character in an ego-driven business. It's unconscionable that someone with Blair's experience, ability and track record should not be afforded the courtesy of going out on his own terms, but sadly, unconscionable has become the norm.

March 28, 2018 @ 11:36 AM



Being PD at either station had to be tough. In the case of Q107, you've got an aging format that really has no future. The expanded playlist seemed to help a bit but it too is dated.

And as for Edge there even any future for the format? Alt rock radio lost it's way 10 to 15 years ago. The result was the audience that liked that music found new mediums to listen. Today, you've got a format that has very little good new product. That's likely why both Edge and Indie 88 are struggling for an audience. Edge or Indie would be wise to revert to a Spirit of Radio sound, flog the dead horses ass and keep the lights on for 10 more years. Or in the case of Indie try adding some EDM & other styles of music...and build a small but loyal audience. Still hard to sell that.

March 28, 2018 @ 11:42 AM


@Irv, I like your idea but the reality is, small niche audiences don't make money for radio owners in these parts . Cmpanies that try this tactic get freaked out very quickly when not enough people listen and the chances of a little station building a financially viable core audience, are greatly diminished.

and if I may add my $0.02...

Blair Bartrem is an excellent gentleman and I am better for having had him as my boss.

He will land on his feet soon, I'm sure.


March 28, 2018 @ 12:46 PM


Best music on earth?
Too many commercials on this station.
Play two songs and have a commercial break.
Commercial break in between songs.
I’ve found a Niagara rock station that blows the doors off the Mighty Q!

March 28, 2018 @ 3:21 PM



I think it's feasible for a micro station to survive and thrive but I don't think Indie fits in there. G98.7 apparently does well (love it). I think Indie has a real tough road ahead and it's in a rock and a hard place. If they chase the mainstream they're crippled by a lousy signal & lack of money. If they chase a fringe audience it would be *very fringe*. And unlike G98.7 there isn't a cultural factor. I suspect Alt Rock radio will become extinct down the road. I know even Alt Nation on Sirius is REALLY boring to listen to now.

I'm sure the people will land on their feet, but you have to many times can this happen. I dabbled in FM radio and I look back and most of my coworkers no longer work in radio. And many of them where excellent broadcasters. Truth is, maybe the kiss of death is just a good push to go do something else. Radio is like selling drugs for a living. You won't be around until retirement.

March 28, 2018 @ 3:34 PM

Ben V

The Corus Feeds Kids charity may need to change its name to Corus Feeds Ex-Employees.

March 28, 2018 @ 6:14 PM


Alt is currently one of the fastest growing formats in North America, with more and more stations flipping to it every week. It captures Gen X and Millennials, which by the way now represent 95% of A25-54. While it’s true that both YYZ Alts have struggled a bit as of late, if you look across the country you’ll see that Alt is a top performer in many other major markets. And it’s not just with its old standards of 18-34 either, it’s occupying top 3 status with Adults 25-54.

The format has evolved a fair bit from its grungy roots, and with it has opened the door to a much broader audience that still craves discovery of new music.

Evolve or die. Long live alt.

March 29, 2018 @ 12:28 AM


I think that the current music director of !Q of 7, Algorithm666, is the true culprit and needs to be fired immediately and replaced by an actual human being who doesn't have tin ears and an over-fondness for the same 5 songs by the same 75 artists, spin and repeat until infinity and beyond!! Yesterday I was riding the Junction 40 bus to my storage facility in the west end whilst listening to the Q's 80s Lunch, and once again i had the horror of an unexpected encounter with that dreaded "Smalltown Boy" by Bronski beat, followed shortly thereafter by Dep Mode's "Personal Jesus." Now although the latter sounds like Anthrax or Slayer compared to the former, neither belongs on this station. No sense in chasing the almighty Boomification Factor, as they will not be beaten at their own game!! Time for the former Temple of Zeppelin to switch to an All Polka or Reggae/Ska format, irie?

Oh sheep, I've just realized that I'm turning into one of those people who complained ad nauseam
about the changes at AM 640 over a month ago!!

March 29, 2018 @ 9:22 AM



So I'm curious, which of these stations are blowing it up? Is it Peak 102.7? Their transformation from Indie to Alt rock has show little change in overall numbers. Now, as a guy with some knowledge of math (18 years of tech) that would mean an increase in one area means a decrease in another. Or, CFOX? Not really an alt rocker (but a good station) has not seen great growth (whereas Rock 101) has. Over to Edmonton. Sonic? It's not tearing up the charts. Now, X92.9 in Calgary has did "well" if you consider a minor increase in CUME and finally beating CJAY 92. And that's over 11 years. I was a fan of the station when it came on the air.

All this in an ecosystem where the largest radio chain is 20 billion (with a b) in debt and every Canadian player keeps cutting staff. You do realize you can't downsize to greatness right?

I see TM is now back to being itself where I tell the radio industry it's failing and then some radio dude comes along with skewed data to try to convince me otherwise. And if Alt Rock *is* such a money maker why aren't there 5 different variants of it in each city? Every city has 2-5 "Top 40" ish leaning stations. So why not that many Alt rockers?

You should probably go have coffee with Steve Kowch man. Nothing like a good echo chamber.

March 29, 2018 @ 9:24 AM


Just another of the thousand cuts that is killing terrestrial radio.
So two PD's will be replaced by one, which is similar to what's happening in other dinosaur media like newspapers.

I don't listen to terrestrial any more.
Too repetitious and commercials are annoying.

And I'm 63 years old.
Sirius, Spotify and a thousand streams provide you with anything you want

March 29, 2018 @ 11:57 AM



Sonic not tearing up the charts? They're #2 A25-54 and #2 A18-49.
X929? #3 A25-54 and #2 A18-49.
CFOX? Top 10 artists are Killers, RHCP, Portugal, QOTSA, Arkells, Royal Blood, Nirvana, etc and they call themselves Vancouver's Modern Rock. So if it quacks like an Alt, looks like an Alt, it's an Alt. Oh yeah, and they're #4 A25-54 and that's with a direct competitor in the market (Peak) who happens to be 8th.

I think you need better charts.

As for why they are not more than one per market, well you've got two in Toronto, and two in Vancouver...and both Edmonton and Calgary have had competitors that came and went, so it's been attempted. Sure, the total audience isn't as large as Pop, but there's no denying the format has more than enough audience to be a market leader.

I'm not here to defend another company's decisions on cuts, I'm just hear waving the Alt Flag.

March 29, 2018 @ 1:04 PM



I'm not saying the stations don't do well in their demo's because they *do* well usually with males. But there hasn't been any rapid or exponential growth in the past 10 years in the format. They maintain their foothold but it's not like the stations have exploded.

I never saw CFOX as an alt rock station and they were a top preset in my car when I lived in Vancouver. I did see them as a great example of how to program a modern "rock radio" station. At times they'd surprise you with New Order but mostly it was more current stuff but was heavy on 90s - 2000. The Peak was a great station until the changes and I just tuned out. They followed the path of the all too traditional "alt rock" station relying on the same tired shit.

Now as for YYC and Edmonton and the competitors. Let's be fair, those weren't really competitors. Fuel 90.3 was a lousy example of a Triple A. The young guy who programmed it was a genius. His boss was not. Same guy programmed up in Edmonton for a short period of time too at their Indie rocker. And I think that in both Calgary (and especially Edmonton) Alberta's real Spirit of Radio (CKUA) probably stole a lot of the "left of centre" audience. I was a huge fan of CKUA, a supporter and used to listen to the Banff repeater. Nothing like running through the mountains with the Saturday jazz show on. As a former resident of both Edmonton and Calgary, I think an Indie rocker would have worked in Edmonton had they gave it time. Not so much in Calgary.

The Bridge in Lethbridge was a pretty interesting station at one point. I found them as I did work in Crowsnest Pass. I just checked the site and go take a look. They're a modern music HIT station so indie and pop. Noted is they play Zedd, an EDM artist. Just maybe THIS is the idea that should be brought to CFNY.

Second Side note: If you're an Alt fan give Stoke 92.5 a listen. They're a micro out of Revelstoke BC with a surprisingly GOOD signal. I used to travel to Van - Banff all the time and they were a good hour listen. REAL interesting programming. Takes a bit to get the station but it's definitely unique. I hope they flourish. Revelstoke Rocks. #CanIGoBackWestNow.

March 29, 2018 @ 4:27 PM


10 years ago, you wouldn't have found an Alt in the Top 5 of A25-54, now there are many, so maybe you and I have different definitions of what growth is.

The original comment was questioning the future of the format, and that it's audience of 15 years ago have likely found a new medium. There's likely some truth to that, but today's alt is not going after the spirit of radio crowd. I'm simply chiming in to tell ya the future (and present) of the format is great, and there are plenty of example across the country proving that. It may not be your bag or definition of what alt should be, but I'd guarantee ya that either of the YYZ Alts would kill for their numbers.

Tell Schichter, Hall says hi.

March 29, 2018 @ 5:04 PM


@Alt PD - I haven't talked to Schichter since I was a programmer at CJIQ and that ended in 2007. He was one motivated young kid and in my opinion was as sharp as they get with *getting* new music. As far as I know he's long gone from FM radio now & was working for MSN or some media outlet.

As for the rise of Alt Rock into the 25-54 demo, well is that about programming OR just about the aging of the audience? I think it's the latter. I recall a few years ago BBC Radio 1 struggling because they had a target demo of 16-24 and the average listener was 33. The 18-34 audience just grew up with their music and they've stuck to it. I don't think I'd call that growth more than a demographic shift.

As for the "format" in general, well to be blunt, I really see the whole concept of the format as pretty dated. As a child of the 80's I grew up where you associated yourself with a specific style of music. I think that's changed & we've got a much flatter ecosystem musically. I have this opinion because there isn't really any style of music that's "it" anymore. We went from Jazz to Rock then to Hip Hop as the primary form of music. There is no primary format anymore. Stations like Beats 1 or Triple J from Australia sort of program on that premise. I'm not sure how FM radio can survive that mix. Or maybe it will

Hall says hi? As in Christian Hall at Harvard? If so I used to live like 1 block from the studio (17th Ave and 4th Street Calgary). Followed Josh Holliday to the station and came to like the bizarre guy that was Greg Beherrell. Fuck that guy was interesting.

March 29, 2018 @ 5:44 PM


They should fire all those program directors at Virgin & Kiss radio. How anyone can listen to the same crap day in day out is enough to drive you insane. If you stop listening for a week then return, guaranteed you will hear the same shit. That fucker from England makes the dippiest music on radio. Don't kids know good music? What happened to the upbeat dance music???

March 29, 2018 @ 7:38 PM

Christian Hall

I'm a scotch guy, so let's talk about aging. Dismissing the patience of leaving it in the barrel to enjoy the flavour years later doesn't diminish the time and effort it took distilling it in the first place. It would be easy to say the 18-34's from 10 years ago are the new 28-44s populating the demo today, but they wouldn't have stuck around if we weren't servicing them well all these years. That's a key factor to the success of the stations mentioned earlier. However, the music from 10-15 years ago (and beyond) it a very small ingredient today, and the 80s-90s is even smaller, so to answer your question, it's a bit of both programming and aging. Currents take up more than half the playlist, and these new bands are definitely not your dad's (older brothers?) alt bands, the other half is gold primarily from the past 5-10 years. It's very palatable to a larger audience, and not just men. That's why you see Alt's popping up all over the place from small markets to New York City. Alt has evolved, just as it's music has. I'm obviously super passionate about the format as I've invested a lot of time in it. That's why I came to it's defence when a co-worker sent me this thread.

Long story short, don't stick a fork in Alt quite yet, we're no where near done.

And Greg's a creative animal currently on the air in LA at KLOS, voice tracking a pile of other stations, and is the voice of Jack FM...great talent, like cream, rises to the top.

March 29, 2018 @ 10:55 PM

Jim cauchon

I know we're fast becoming extinct but....

First, only the best to the latest batch of canadawide casualties..I know many of them..and while some are grateful to get 'the package', others, i'm not so sure.
35 years in, I'm 'familiar' w/ the package out the door concept...of course radio no different than other bottomline big corps.

While skilled contract players are a diff. kettle of fish, the cold boardroom knows well in advance the names of the 50+ white men full time + bens ..'financial burdens' if you will', that can easily be disposed of when time becomes right....saving bucks by inserting machines, or merging tasks or depts., or quite often, implementing a different person (which on occasion 'said person' of diff. sex, or race, or age, or experience, or gravitas and yes for sure, 'much different money')

Hell, if corps. could bust out mat leave women im sure they would..but the next best thing is that 50+ white men fulltime bens cat.

Just for fun..under the big LOL cat., wonder if anyone has time or energy or lawyer power to go canadawide class action against all media who have 'sliced away so obviously'.
No sourgrapes..but ageism, sexism, racism..somewhere in there is the common thread

I did this radio thing 35 years, ..while I had great fun i could never recommend the radio business to anyone else starting out today...get a skill white boys..maybe electrician, etc.

March 29, 2018 @ 11:37 PM



When I first started listening to Beherrell I admit it took a bit to get used too. After a bit you come to see the creative genius in the man. He is brilliant. He earned his success. Creative people tend to be odd, it's just part of the beast.

I suspected it was you and congrats on the success in Western Canada and on the new Red Deer station. As much as it will piss off a few locals, I've always felt the radio market in Western Canada was more competitive and had more variety than Toronto. I believe it was your own morning man at Hot 107 who commented on the talent level in Edmonton in morning drive and how solid it was.

And I should add technically you had 2 competitors in your time. Fuel was the first and then the short lived Peak 95.3. I admit to being totally disappointed in how that was executed. I was a HUGE fan of Peak when Tamara Stanners ran Peak Vancouver...not so for 95.3. X has found it's place and kudo's for putting multiple personalities on in the drive.


People will always listen to FM radio because it's free. It's no longer the premier place to find music, but everything is fragmented. The real issue with FM radio is sales. In a world of social media, Spotify, etc, selling ad's has got to be tough. Further, with much of the listening in-car now, it's SO easy to flip stations during spots. Without question radio needs to recreate itself and think outside the box. And one way of doing that is hiring younger people. My own view is that radio needs to embrace Spotify, etc more & be more aggressive with new music. Nothing like Virgin radio telling you about the new "music" coming up from Redbone you heard a year ago on Spotify or Beats 1.

March 30, 2018 @ 9:36 AM

Alt Rock

The dinosaurs havent gone extinct.... They run FM radio

We play the same 40 songs for 7 months at a time... During a time in Southern Ontario where there are more amazing Indy bands then ever before, and lower attention spans.

Want to take a chunk out of SIRIUS OR SPOTIFY?

One song an hour from a well produced LOCAL Indy Band..

Want to know why HIP HOP Radio in the US is doing fine?

They embrace the taste makers...

Instead of playing the Same 3 Arkells songs every day... Lets invite the boys in to let us know what they are listening too...

So many ways we could compete and literally thrive again... But the focus now for Corus will be PODCASTING!! LMAO

Do they even know what that means? Or who they are up against?

And if you think Radio is dead, gather a bunch of successfull Youtubers and ask them what they would do IF THEY WERE IN EVERYONES CAR EVERYDAY...

What is a dying medium for some is something with limitless possibilities for others....

Instead we all fought against PD's airchecking us to be more LOCAL, and then lost half our shows to somebody who will voice track all major markets...

Remember that song from that Canadian Band that never sold out a show outside of Ontario, and only had one album do well in the 90s?? Well listen to one of their two good songs FOREVER... EVERYDAY... ON YOUR FM DIAL

We have an opportunity here to think bigger and think different.

LIVE AND LOCAL Can be great again... Its what makes us different...

March 30, 2018 @ 11:28 PM


Very interesting thread even if most of it is far too inside baseball for my limited understanding

March 31, 2018 @ 9:43 AM


@Alt Rock

I don't think radio is going to "take a chunk" out of streaming, but I do believe it can co-exist with the medium.

Traditional radio has put itself in a vicious circle. It stopped being a music incubator & instead allows other mediums to create the "hits". The result is the engaged musical fan has left radio & what's left is this sort of casual fan with little interest in music. That limited engagement also translates into loyalty to a station. If you don't give a shit about something, it's hard to be engaged or care. Cranky old Lefsetz points out the reality; what's popular on radio is often a million miles away from what the tastemakers are doing.

FM radio cannot be a taste-maker. What it can be is a selectively choose the best of the new product coming out. Keep an ear to the street. I find Z103.5 does that and sometimes surprises me with music I don't expect but like to hear. You'll never lure back the streaming type but you may lure some people back to listen a little more to the radio. That's a win for the medium.

As for your "local indie" band. I agree. I think the one secret weapon Canadian alt rock radio has is Cancon. There is a lot of great indie music that exists out there. CBC Radio 3 plays it, but it's "overload" because that's ALL they play. You need to skim off the best of new Cancon and add it versus playing Our Lady Peace again.

And as for local, well local means actually living and being aware of what's up in your city. It's more than doing contests or reading liners of local businesses or doing some "feel good" cause for a local charity. Weather and traffic isn't local either. I can get that on my phone and it's far more accurate to use Google Maps than some traffic dude on the radio.

March 31, 2018 @ 12:03 PM


What a shame! I will miss Al's wit, friendly voice and all round good guyishness. Q is destroying a great thing. I've been listening since '77 and have heard too many stupid changes.

I for one enjoy hearing what was once New Wave - Bronski Beat et al - in with my Classic Rock. I listen to Boom 97.3 sometimes, but they don't play the heavier rock, so I listen to Q more often especially after Q stopped playing the wrist cutting grunge crap. As GeddyNeilAlex pointed out, 91.7 GiantFM in Niagra plays some decent deep cut and classic rock and by far blows any Toronto station out of the water.

Don't know why the PD's don't have a clue about playing all the palatable cuts off an album without adhering to a rotation schedule. That being said, I just heard Super Conductor off Presto by Rush. Not their best by any stretch, but it's a start.

By far though, I listen to my prodigious music collection on my phone when I'm in the car and stream multiple Stingray Music channels at home since I can't take the repetitive crap and lack of cherished familiar voices on my radio.

April 2, 2018 @ 11:05 AM


I don't have a problem with the likes of Bronski Beat, Depeche Mode, The Cure, etc., it's just that
they do not belong on a station like Q107 no matter the format. As for "Super Conductor" by Rush,
it is featured quite often on the Q, which is weird when you consider that "Show Don't Tell" was the
key single from that particular album ("Presto"). It would be nice to hear "Dreamline" or "Stick It
Out" or even something off of "Vapor Trails", but the likelihood of that is probably zilch!!

April 3, 2018 @ 9:49 AM


I beg to differ. The '80's New Wave does belong when, for example, the PD decides that we should only hear "Maybe I'm Amazed" from Wings Over America ad infinitum. That's what happened last year. Pretty well every track on that triple album is a hit. If they're not willing to play the amazing classic rock staring them in the face, I for one embrace Q's new mandate to play all "rock"(except for the '90's stuff that made me want to howl in pain right along with them then cut my wrists to put myself out of my misery. 😉)

April 7, 2018 @ 12:22 PM


Forgot to say that I agree with you about Rush's Superconductor. Again that's the only song post Hold Your Fire that I've heard since they stopped playing two songs off Clockwork Angels in 2012.
And again, the PD has decided not to mine this prolific power trio's amazing discography. And I certainly didn't understand why they wouldn't play Rush's grungier cuts when they decided to play everyone else's.

I wrote Q an actual snail mail letter when they added Grunge to the playlist to point out this and that if I hated hearing the same 5 songs from any artist, there were thousands of listeners who agreed with me. I never heard back.

Then I filled out that stupid online survey. I kept hoping to see deeper cuts offered up for me to vote on, but that never happened. If they don't clue in soon, I fear Q will go the way of CHUMFM and 99.9. 🤐😭

April 7, 2018 @ 12:51 PM


I enjoy a lot of new wave music but under no incarnation of Q107, past to present, do the likes of
Bronski Beat, Fine Young Cannibals, A-ha, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Human League and even Duran Duran belong on that station. Boom can't be beaten at their own game so why even bother?!? Hell. the Barenaked Ladies shouldn't be programmed either, as neither "Brian Wilson' nor "One Week" are even the most liberal-thinking music fan's definition of rock by any stretch of the imagination!!

My other main beef with the station's current music direction is this: When did the likes of Trooper,
Streetheart, and Prism become such key Q107 artists? You'd think that it is 1977-79 with the amount
of spins those three acts get on a daily basis, although I certainly don't mind that the same 3 or 4
Harlequin songs are endlessly repeated. They are/were a great band with a fantastic vocalist!!

April 9, 2018 @ 1:52 PM



I guess we'll have to agree to disagree regarding what type of music belongs on our beloved Q. I'd rather not have to switch around to be happy.

Back in the day, I listened to AM top 40 stations CFTR (680) and CHUM (1050). I heard Led Zep, Who, Boston, Eagles, Simon & Garfunkle, Foreigner, Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Lynrd Skynrd, Doobies, Foot in Cold Water, Earth Wind and Fire, Wild Cherry, Bobby Vinton all in the same hour. A wonderful mix of music only missing my beloved Rush and Max Webster. (Thank god for AOR and FM radio.)

CanCon is still alive, but not so well as you pointed out. For Q to over play Trooper etc. and neglect FM, Crowbar, Saga, Moxy, Jeff Healey and Headpins. As with Harlequin, Darby Mills from Headpins had a fabulous voice.

As with my food, I prefer a varied music diet. With so many of us who grew up in the '70's listening to this eclectic mix, I'd bet there are many who'd love a station that played the R&B, Soul, (Prog, Hard, Soft, Metal,) Rock,Folk, and Country cross over bands and their amazing catalogues. Q is just scratching the surface. I hope they can find their way deeper.

April 11, 2018 @ 1:45 PM


And they only play that one bloody song by The Headpins and perhaps two at best by Saga
from the "Worlds Apart" album!! Again, my issue with the new wave excursions is more to do
with the fact that it feels like it comes at the expense of some of the Q's original core artists.
Wouldn't have a problem at all with a blend such as the one you described above as long
as it wasn't the same 400 or so songs over and over again!! Wish more people were as open-
minded in their musical tastes from a programming perspective. They might be, but are shackled
by the bean counters. C'est La Vie, I guess!

April 11, 2018 @ 4:08 PM

Max Brand

Al Joynes will be missed at Q107 which this may be the beginning f the end cause more and more people, will be gone and it'll be sad that the once great Q had a lot of memories that will cherish a lifetime. It'll never be another station like it and the folks simply did so much for the community that still is being praised by. Been fortunate to go to their shows and breakfast gigs from 2001 to 2007 But went to their Christmas show in 2017. Where it will go from here still remains a mystery.

April 30, 2018 @ 12:28 AM

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