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My Experience with PayTM Canada

When PayTM Canada reached out to me with interest in sponsoring my podcast, I had never heard of them. They seemed like great people, and had an office in Toronto, but if I was going to promote their bill payment app, I needed to actually use it myself. Yes, I eat my own dog food. I drink Great Lakes Beer, I ate Chefs Plate, and if I ever move again, I'll be calling

Downloading the app from was as simple as it sounds (I use the Android version) and in no time I had created an account. The next test was to pay an actual bill.

To pay a bill, you need to connect a credit card or bank account. I'm a big fan of using my MasterCard as often as possible because I collect points I redeem at my local No Frills, so I connected that card. Then, I paid an $84 Toronto Hydro bill.

Because PayTM Canada had created a promocode for me (torontomike) I used that promocode for this payment and was gifted $10 from PayTM. So I was able to pay an $84 with only $74 coming out of my account. You can use this promocode as well if you like the idea of getting free money. This code has since expired, so use referral code PTM7841106 when you sign up to get 5,000 Paytm points.

This first test was a complete success, and started paying all of my bills via my PayTM Canada app by using my MasterCard. You can even do this for services that don't typically accept credit card payment. But then, it came time to pay my MasterCard bill.

That's when I connected my bank account. That was slick, so I was able to pay that off within the PayTM app.  Keep in mind, there's no service charge or convenience charge here, and there are lots of cashback incentives where PayTM gives you money for using their app. This month, for example, they're giving 2% cashback for any bill payment, for any amount and using any payment method.

Oh yes, and there's cashback when you buy gift cards and handy bill payment reminders... essentially, they've managed to make paying bills rather convenient, fun and rewarding.

I managed to test their support as well. I initially thought my promocode was supposed to be entered in the "referral code" part when I first installed the app, but that wouldn't take, so I opened a ticket and was promptly helped.

Yes, they're a sponsor, but all of the above actually happened. If you have any questions, fire away... and you can email me if that's easier for you.

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