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The Ongoing History of All Jams Kicked Out

We've had 13 jam kickers thus far in the Kick Out the Jams! episodes of Toronto Mike'd. You'll find all 13 (and counting) right here.

Listener Tyler Campbell has meticulously documented every jam kicked out and recorded this detail in a shared spreadsheet. Click here to open the KOTJ spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

It's not just which jams have been kicked out by whom, but the frequency in which each artist pops up. The Beatles, for example, have been kicked out seven times, and unbelievably, it's seven different songs.

Knowing the jams before you listen is an obvious spoiler, so I've asked Tyler to wait a week before updating the spreadsheet. Now if you're up to date and have already heard Mike Stafford's jams, click through!

Thanks, Tyler! I owe you a six-pack of Great Lakes Beer.

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