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The More Independent Voices, the Better

When Mike Richards dropped by in late February, he detailed his new, independent project. It's called The Raw Mike Richards Show, and he records daily with David Bastl. It's very similar to his old show on TSN 1050, only he's his own boss. If you liked Mike Richards on TSN, you'll like The Raw Mike Richards Show.

Mike Richards is not everyone's cup of tea. Some dislike his characters and/or find the humour too frat boyish. And that's the beauty of this new project, free to all who wish to subscribe or watch live. You don't have to listen!

Even if you choose to not listen, you should be glad this show exists. The more independent voices recording original content, the better. Mike's doing this on his own and I hope he succeeds.

If Mike succeeds, others will follow suit. You may not like Mike's schtick, but you may love the next journalist or host who decides to go on his or her own as the industry shrinks.

If you don't like it, don't listen, but be glad it exists.

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