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Most Revealing Episodes of Toronto Mike'd in 2016

I recently shared my favourite episodes of Toronto Mike'd in 2016, but here are the episodes I deem to be the most revealing. There were stories shared in these four episodes that were completely unknown to me, and often unexpected.

Anne Mroczkowski

Anne decided she was tired of the smoke and mirrors and wanted to tell it like it was. She was incredibly candid and taught me a great deal. This was one of the most refreshing conversations I enjoyed in 2016.

Anne Mroczkowski and Me

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John "Spike" Gallagher

Spike has stories. Man, does he have stories. What he lacks, is a filter, and we're all the beneficiaries. He's returning when he's finished his book.


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Dave Hodge

Two words: pen flip.

Dave Hodge and me

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Mike Richards

Mike told me he was a good-time Charlie, and he most definitely aimed to please. I was blown away by how honest he was and what he was willing to share with Toronto Mike'd listeners. It was truly appreciated.

Mike Richards and me

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