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Honest Ed's

The beginning of the end for Honest Ed's was July 2013. Now, the end is nigh.

When Ed Mirvish passed away in 2007, I first shared my memories of the Toronto institution at Bathurst and Bloor.

My grandmother loved Ed Mirvish and his discount store. She dragged me there many times and always glowed when scouring the place for bargains. I loved the signage and posters throughout the big barn. That place was magic.

The very first time I rode the subway by myself was to attend a school near Bathurst and Bloor one day a week in grade five. I'd get off at Bathurst station and walk from there. The lights of the Honest Ed's sign alway put a smile on my face. I just loved knowing it was there.

Snowing. Walking by Honest Eds

The store is slated to permanently close tomorrow. It's the end of an era, Toronto.

This is what #HonestEds looks like in its final hours— blogTO (@blogTO) December 30, 2016
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