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I'm Tired of Being Wrong

In 2000, I didn't think George Dubya Bush had a chance. I wasn't blogging yet, but if I was I'd be linking now to an arrogant post about how Americans aren't dumb enough to elect an idiot like Dubya. I did write this in 2003 and called him naive and stupid.

Fast forward to 2004 when I was certain John Kerry would win the Presidency. It seemed obvious to me. Once again, I was wrong.

Then, there was 2010. I'm still trying to live this entry down. I'd delete it, but it seems to bring such joy to my friends like Il Duce.

Rob Ford, they seem to like you in Ward 2, Etobicoke North. Please run there. Toronto's next mayor won't be a bike lane hating, Transit City killing social conservative who promises to "cut everything but police spending to tame the city budget. Libraries, parks, whatever."

We all know what happened next. Once again, I was wrong.

At this point, I should have learned my lesson, but I most certainly did not. Donald Trump so turned my stomach, I could only handle him in very small doses. I didn't need to worry about him actually winning the election because I was certain Hillary Clinton would prevail. All the analysis, most of the polls, and almost every pundit reinforced my belief that Americans would do the right thing.

Last night, I asked my oldest daughter if she was ready to witness history. At 7pm, I was still confident. In fact, I wondered aloud if they might call Florida in her favour by 9pm and shortly thereafter realize Trump had no path to victory. I smiled at my sleeping 7-month old daughter when I realized she didn't even have to live a full year without a woman president of the United States of America.

In reality, by 9pm I was reassuring my oldest daughter that everything would be okay. Once again, I was wrong. In fact, I think this is the wrongest I've ever been about an election.

Winston Churchill once said the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. I need to stop overestimating these people. I'm tired of being wrong.

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