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How About Those Blue Jays?

Do you remember this time last year? Exactly one year ago yesterday, this happened.


Holy crap, that was fun. Because that led to this.


I sometimes have to remind myself that we didn't actually make the World Series last year, let alone win it. 2015 was special, despite falling short. One year later, I'm still riding the high.

2016 has felt quite different. Still, we entered September with a chance to defend our AL East title. Then, the wheels fell off.

Tell anyone over the age of 40 that this slide has been the worst and they'll reply with 1987. I remember 1987 vividly, and I assure you that felt much, much worse. The Jays had to lose their last seven to blow it in '87. This collapse has felt less violent, less dramatic, less painful. Maybe it's because I'm older, maybe it's because there's still a chance we qualify for the Wild Card (which didn't exist in '87), or maybe it's because this wasn't a bad week, this felt like a bad month.

1987 really set the bar high for Blue Jays collapses. It was unbearable. We were 3½ games up with a week to play and blew it.— Toronto Mike (@torontomike) September 18, 2016

So here we are, with the biggest game of the season starting in an hour, and the Jays clinging to the last Wild Card spot. I'm hoping we figure this out, but fully prepared for the worst. After all, I remember '87.

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