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I just read that Queen Video is closing its historic Queen Street location. Danier Leather is also winding down, and will shutter all locations before you know it. The more things change...

One southwest Toronto store seems to defy the laws of economics and still stands at the corner of Lake Shore Blvd W. and Islington Ave. TNT Surplus has been there selling military surplus, camping and safety workwear since 1957, when Islington at Lake Shore was still known as Seventh Street.


I remember biking to TNT with my buddy Ed back in 1990 so he could pick up a pair of boots. He loved army surplus stores, and TNT was one of his favourites. It's amazing it still stands today. If I had placed a bet at an online casino, I'd have lost. But it's not an online casino. :)


Recently, the city painted a new mural on the side of TNT to celebrate the flag of Canada's 50th birthday. The old mural was just "TNT" but this new one is a wonderful honkin' slice of Canadiana. I see it every day and dig it the most.

Nice new mural on the TNT building

I don't know how TNT stays open, but I'm glad it does. Sometimes I take the kids in there just to look around. It's like a museum, defying all odds, frozen in time.

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