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Think outside the boardroom: Corporate event ideas

There was a time when corporate events meant nothing more  than gathering the relevant parties around a boardroom table and hammering out  the points of the meeting. These days, corporate events are designed to build  rapport amongst departments, to foster team-building  skills, and to just plain have fun with each other! It has been shown that  employees that can get along with each other on a personal level will be more  productive in the workplace, having more of a teamwork mindset rather than an  us-vs.-them mentality. So, what kinds of activities can you do with your  employees as corporate events? Corporate event ideas abound these days.

Test your skills in  an escape room!
 Escape rooms are all the rage these days. Basically, your  team is locked in a mocked-up room and charged with the task of getting out.  Through team work and a pooling of skills, your corporate team will figure out  clues and decode their way out of the room before the clock runs out.  They’ll even have a little fun a long the  way, too.

Join a sports team
 Sports is another great way to foster teamwork amongst your  employees. Whether it’s golf, soft ball or dodgeball, playing a team sport  helps to encourage team members to work together toward a common goal. And a  little healthy competition against other teams (or between departments!) never  hurt anyone either.

A corporate picnic
 Getting the family involved is another fantastic way to keep  your team strong. One of the best ways to do that is to host a corporate family  picnic. This can be in a local park or other greenspace, anywhere where  coworkers and their families can enjoy the great outdoors while spending time  together. Make it a potluck and share a meal while you spend time together  outside of the confines of the office.

Bowling night
 It may seem so “back in the day,” but bowling is actually  enjoying a bit of a resurgence. And with the proliferation of places to go  these days where you can not only bowl and enjoy a few drinks, but also enjoy a  game or two of laser tag (also a great corporate team-building activity) or hit  up the arcade, bowling alleys are a great option for your corporate event.  Divide into teams and have some healthy competition.  Winner gets a trophy and some serious  bragging rights!

Take a cooking class
 Few activities on this list require more teamwork than  cooking classes. Many places offer classes that are specifically designed to be  corporate team-building activities. Having to read and interpret a recipe,  prepare ingredients and come up with a dish that resembles something one would  want to eat can be the perfect exercise in collaboration.  And the best part is, your team will get to  enjoy the fruits of its labours at the end of the night!

If you are looking for team-building corporate event ideas, this list is just  the tip of the iceberg. What you choose should bear in the mind the demographic  of your team, their preferences, abilities and comfort level, and what your end  goal is. From there, the possibilities are virtually endless!

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