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In 2016, I Hope People Return to Blogging

I just got off the phone with an old friend who is planning on resurrecting his old blog. He's a great writer, so I'm just excited he'll be producing long-form written content again.

At some point, several years ago, blogs were declared "dead". Social media hubs like Facebook and Twitter took over as the platform of choice for independents. "Micro-blogging" was done on proprietary platforms owned by others, and one-by-one, indie blogs dried up and died.

Blogs allow someone to own their space on the web. It's your domain name. In this space, you can create long-form content, take deep dives when deep dives are necessary, all with proper HTML linkage indexed for search by Google and the like.

This isn't an anti-social media entry. As a fervent tweeter, I have the utmost respect for social media's role in our web-based lives. Social media is best used to drive traffic to your blog, not replace your blog.

I miss blogs. In 2016, it's my hope that more people return to blogging.

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