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Do You Remember Club 102 on CHCH TV in Hamilton?

I've been conversing with a documentary filmmaker producing a film about Martin Streek. He's been listening to my podcast as a source of research, which fills me with great pride.

We had a chat yesterday about Chris Sheppard and his thoughts on Martin Streek. Shep would often say "often imitated, never duplicated" and there's a hypothesis that this was a reaction to Martin Streek taking over Club 102 from him after he left CFNY. One day I'd love to have Chris Sheppard on my podcast to hear his take on that, but in the meantime it's interested food for thought.

We also talked about Club 102 being broadcast on CHCH TV. There's little about this short-lived show online except for a couple of YouTube clips and this comment left on this very site.

Do you remember Club 102 on CHCH TV in Hamilton? What can you tell me about this show?

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