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Ann Rohmer Retires from CP24 (Again!)

About five-and-a-half years ago, Ann Rohmer left her job at CP24 for a position in the aviation industry. Then, mere months later, Ann returned as if she had never left in the first place.

I spoke to Steve Anthony about this in episode 123 of my podcast as he tried to make sense of it all. Give it a spin if you have an hour to spare.

It seems Ann Rohmer has done it again, retiring from her role on CP24.


As you've likely heard, Bell Canada is eliminating a number of positions in both Toronto and Montreal this month. If this tweet is to be believed, Ann stepped down to save another. Hat tip to @1236.

Class Act -hearing #annrohmer retired early to save a position #bellmedia -others-who know who they are- should follow suit— What She Said! (@WhatSheSaid167) November 16, 2015

Happy retirement, Ann! See you back on CP24 in a few months...

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