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Cottage on Oxtongue Lake Next Summer

I intended to write this entry a month ago, but the Jays have me all flustered. I can barely get my fingers to write about anything else.

The last few summers, I've rented a cottage on Oxtongue Lake near Algonquin Park. I'll never be able to afford a cottage of my own, so for a week each summer, I pretend I own waterfront property and enjoy the mess out of the several kayaks, canoes, and other boats available 24/7.


It really is heaven. The lake is warm, the scenery stunning, and the facilities are amazing, but the purpose of this entry is to tell you about the Jenny factor.


Jenny owns and operates the White Birches Cottage Resort with her son. Jenny isn't just super sweet and fun to chat with, but she goes above and beyond to make sure everyone enjoys their stay at one of her cottages. I can't say enough kind things about this woman!

So, if you're thinking of escaping for a week or two next summer to enjoy the beauty that is Oxtongue Lake, do yourself a favour and call Jenny at 1-800-263-4794. Trust me.

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