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Following Sports is a Big Fat Waste of Time

How many hours have I wasted watching sports on television? So many Leafs games, so many Raptors games, so many Jays games... then there's Olympics and tennis majors and the junior and world hockey championships. Not to mention all the other events that suck me in, like Super Bowls and Stanley Cup and NBA playoffs and world and Euro cups...

It affects my moods, yet I have no control over the outcome. It costs me boatloads of money, because it's really the only reason I pay for cable television. It's time I could be spending on other things, better things.

And really, what does it matter? Most of the sports I watch are multi-millionaires playing a game so we can be marketed cola and beer. Following sports is a big fat waste of time.

But just this past week I enjoyed thrilling Blue Jay walkoff victories, a last minute game winning goal by Canada's Christine Sinclair, a plucky Lightning team making my Black Hawks sweep prediction look silly and one of the greatest individual performance in the history of the NBA finals. Seriously, what LeBron James is doing with a bunch of average teammates is mind blowing.

And that's why I watch. You never know what you're going to get, and sometimes it's incredible. I'm a slave to the spectacle.

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