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Spirit of Radio Sunday on 102.1 the Edge Cancelled

Launched last February, Spirit of Radio Sunday on 102.1 the Edge, hosted by Scot Turner, was mighty popular in my circle. Scot and I spoke a great deal about the concept in episode 102 of my podcast. Essentially, the show was an homage to the legacy of CFNY, playing "the artists that defined the alternative rock format".

I'm referring to Spirit of Radio Sunday in the past tense because the program has been cancelled. Today's show is the very last one. Personally, I'm disappointed, as I thoroughly enjoyed the program and will miss hearing those great songs CFNY played in the 80s. As I type this, they're playing Endgames' "First , Last For Everything".


I'm told this is part of some new changes at 102.1 that take effect tomorrow. Stay tuned...

Update: I just got off the phone with Scot Turner. Here's what I've learned:

  • Spirit of Radio Sunday was the most listened to program on 102.1 (according to the most recent Fall 2014 radio ratings), but did not perform as well with the 18-34 year old demo.
  • 102.1 is primarily concerned with this 18-34 demo and market research suggests they should focus on this demo. Spirit of Radio Sunday was cancelled so they can target 18-34 year olds 24/7.
  • This re-focus on the 18-34 demo puts an end to any rumours about David Marsden returning to 102.1. Marsden himself fanned these flames in episode 106 of my podcast.
  • Scot Turner loved putting the show together, especially the passionate reaction from fans, but respects this business decision and is happy to have his Sundays back.
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