Michelle the Nurturer

I snapped this pic last night as my daughter put her little brother to bed. She's incredible with the little guy, so nurturing and loving. It's really a sight to behold.

She helped bathe him, put him in his pajamas and sleep sack, read him Goodnight Moon and fed him his bottle before putting him down for the night.


I'm particularly fascinated by the contrast between her and her older brother. He has no interest in bathing or feeding his little brother. He's waiting until it's time to play catch and go for a bike ride. Until then, it's primarily hands-off.

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Awwww...."Goodnight Moon". It looks like you have a well-loved copy.

February 7, 2015 @ 12:47 PM

Rick C in Oakville

Your a blessed man Mike!

February 7, 2015 @ 8:44 PM

Grandma Boon

You're the best Michelle. Jarvis is lucky to have a big sister like you.

February 8, 2015 @ 7:50 PM


This. This is why the women will inherit the earth as us men kill/maim/poison/play video games/piss away our lives.
I, for one, welcome our new XX chromosomes overlords.

February 8, 2015 @ 10:38 PM

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