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How I Ended Up On Instagram

How I Ended Up On Instagram

A couple of years ago, I wrote many words about why I never liked Instagram.

When Instagram came on the scene, I hated how people were intentionally and artificially processing their pictures to make them look old or Polaroided. In my opinion, the aged look of a photograph only has value when it's earned. In other words, a picture looking old is wonderful when it's an old picture, and the Polaroid-zation of a pic makes perfect sense when it was taken with a Polaroid camera, but forcing these effects is phony and ruins an otherwise nice picture. I never created an Instagram account.

About a month ago, I created an Instagram account. What changed?

My daughter, who turns 10 tomorrow, is on Instagram, and I couldn't see her posts without an account of my own. I wanted to see her posts, and now I can. I love seeing her pics and clicking that heart icon next to each one.  I can't like them fast enough.

And that's how this Flickr Pro user ended up on Instagram.

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