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54-40 Live in Southwest Toronto for Free

54-40 Live in Southwest Toronto for Free

I like 54-40.  They had a string of hits I dug, including "Baby Ran", "I Go Blind", "One Gun", "Miss You", "Nice to Luv You", "She La", "Radio Luv Song", "Assoholic", "Ocean Pearl", "Love You All", "Lies to Me" and "Since When".  Rather prolific, weren't they?

They're playing a free show this coming Sunday at 9pm at Colonel Sam Smith Park.  If you don't know Colonel Sam Smith Park, it's a great park in New Toronto.

This is all part of Lakeshore Mardi Gras so you also get lots of food, a midway and fun activities for kids.  But I'll be going to see 54-40.

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