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Introducing the Kids to Pulp Fiction

Introducing the Kids to Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is my favourite movie of all time. Forever I've had this poster hanging in my bedroom.


Over the last few years, my son and I would talk about Pulp Fiction. He's wanted me to watch it with him for a couple of years now but I waited. My great fear is that he wouldn't be ready and he wouldn't dig it. One of a parent's most anxious moments is when he introduces his child to his favourite movie.

On Friday night, I decided my eldest son was ready for Pulp Fiction. And heck, since we were going to watch my favourite movie, I decided my daughter was ready as well. Yes, there are lots of bad words and violence, but my kids understand the context, we talk the shit out of it and I'm cool with the exposure in films and music. I appreciate not all parents are.

So the big viewing was Friday night and both kids loved it, followed the plot and pieced it together. Phew!

The big question, of course, was what was in the briefcase. I once read an interview with Quentin Tarantino in which he said it didn't matter what was in the briefcase because it just existed to move the plot along, but it's got that supernatural glow and lends itself naturally to debate. My favourite theory, which I shared with the kids, is that it contains Marsellus Wallace's soul.  Google it for details... you won't be disappointed.

Have you introduced your kids(s) to your favourite movie? How did it go?

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