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Google Analytics Keywords: (Not Provided)

Google Analytics Keywords (Not Provided)

Prior to September 2013, I enjoyed popping into Google Analytics and checking out the top organic keywords that brought visitors to this site.  I used to share the top ten on a monthly basis.  It wasn't just fun for this site, but it was awfully convenient in my professional life.

In September 2013, Google started encrypting 100% of all searches conducted by those logged into a Google account.  That means the vast majority of Google referral keywords listed in Google Analytics show up as "Not Provided".  If you work in SEO, you know how much this sucks.

How bad is it? According to Google Analytics, 81.46% of organic search traffic to this site in February 2014 came via the keywords "(not provided)".  I'm really popular for the keywords "(not provided)", as it's been #1 for six months in a row.

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