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Thanks and Pleas: RTCC 2014

On June 7-8 I'll be embarking on a 220km bicycle ride across Ontario in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.  This means a great deal to me personally for two reasons:

1. It's the month I turn 40, so a monster physical goal like this is the ideal way to celebrate.

2. Just before Christmas, my good friend was being cared for at the Princess Margaret.  This is my way of saying thanks.

Donate to my ride by clicking right here.  The following fine people have already done so, and I'm extremely grateful:

  • Ellen M.
  • Rick C in Oakville
  • Mike Kic
  • markosaar
  • Speysidephil
  • Dale
  • Brian A.
  • Doug
  • Rick2
  • Al The Royal Pain
  • Christine H.
  • Mike from Lowville
  • Cheryl
  • Il Duce
  • Michael Muzzin
  • Liz
  • Blind Dave
  • Alex Patino
  • Mike Engell and Colleen
  • Cousin Jen
  • Aunt Maura
  • Brother Ryan
  • Jason from Sudbury
  • Jamie
  • Mom
  • Zachary
  • Faunie
  • Douglas
  • Steve M.
  • Kevin W.
  • Katherine R.
  • Marie C.
  • Erin Davis
  • Matt W.
  • Chad H.
  • Nigel Trousershrapnel
  • Brother Steve
  • Philly-Bob
  • Audrey

This is a great start, but I've got a long way to go to hit my target.  In fact, if I don't hit $2,500, I won't be allowed to ride. Do it for my 40th, do it to help conquer cancer and do it for my buddy Mike.

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