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2013 Was an Amazing Year

2013 Was an Amazing Year

In 2011, almost everything in my life changed dramatically.  There were changes in regards to where I live, where I work, my romantic life and just about everything in between. 2011 was a year of great change, but 2012 was amazing.

Looking back, I'm pleased to say everything was fantastic again in 2013. What happened to me in 2013?

I Got Married
On June 15, at an art gallery in the Distillery District, I married Monica.  We were surrounded by great people with great music and just the right sprinkle of controversy.

I Impregnated My Wife
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Jarvis Henry in the baby carriage.  Jarvis is due in April.

I Bought A New House
We looked long and hard for the right neighbourhood to settle into for the long haul, and we found it.  We moved into our new home (it's actually very old, but new to us!) in early September and we love it.  I don't ever want to move again.

I Visited Europe Twice
In March, I visited Frankfurt, and in September I visited Amsterdam, Italy and Iceland.  It was awesome.

I Created My Own Podcast Studio
With the help of audio guru Andrew Stoakley, I purchased and assembled my own podcast recording studio.  From the comforts of my own home I can now record podcasts giving me full control of the entire process.  It's been great fun.

I Had a Blast
Whether it was taking Michelle to her first concert, cottaging in Muskoka, camping at The Pinery, golfing at a resort, biking daily, visiting Banff, Europe or just enjoying this great city with friends and family, 2013 was fun.  I'm a very lucky guy.


Happy New Year, everyone.

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