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The 1% Rule and You

The 1% Rule and You

There's a 1% rule that pertains to Internet culture.  Wikipedia says "the 1% rule refers to forums, in which everyone must be a content creator. In this context, only 1% of the users of a forum actively create new posts and the other 99% of the participants only lurk."

This seems spot on with regards to this site.  99% of visitors absorb content whilst only 1% seem to comment.  I've often wondered how interesting it would be if that 1% became 5% or, dare I dream, 10%.

If you're a lurker who enjoys reading, can you do me a favour? Can you try commenting for a while, either on regular entries or the Open Mikes?  You can use your real name or create a unique but anonymous handle as many have done.

If you're a lurker who is ready to join and expand the 1%, let me know in the comments!

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