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Biking as an Influencer Over Where You Buy a House

Biking as an Influencer Over Where You Buy a House

As a teenager, I practically lived on my bike.  If I could bike there, that's how I got there.  I biked to university, I biked to work, I biked for fun, I biked everywhere possible.

This past year, I rediscovered my love for biking.  This summer, I've been trying to bike as much as possible.  Instead of swimming every weekday at lunch, I'm splitting that time between the pool and bike.  Today at lunch I went for this 10.69km ride.

Screenshot from 2013-07-08 12:50:45

Sidebar: I wrote about the MapMyRide app last year.  I use it to record my rides and it makes the entire experience that much more fun.  Every km there's an audio update with regards to time, distance travelled and speed.  If you bike, I highly recommend it.

Biking has become such a key part of my spring, summer and fall that it's become a major influencer over where we're looking to buy a home.  It can't just be a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom detached home I can afford, it has to be located in as bike-friendly a spot as possible.

I love biking Toronto.

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