Scenes From Our Wedding

Scenes From Our WeddingIt's been almost a week since I married Monica, and we're both still riding that high. It really was perfect.

We're still waiting for the professional photos to be ready, but I thought I'd share a few shots taken by Monica's cousin Ken. I like Ken's style.




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I kind of hate cliche lens-flare-type shots generally, however the lighting in the top one is really dramatic on your faces. Looks awesome.

June 21, 2013 @ 3:25 PM

Al The Royal Pain

That second one with the truck reminds me a little of those pictures the Leafs took way-back-when (I believe it was the Pat Burns era) in front of the service station.

June 21, 2013 @ 3:38 PM

Ryan G

Great venue choice Mike. I did the same, and specifically we got married at Archeo in the Distillery. It was a lot of fun so we're already planning our divorce there too.

June 21, 2013 @ 4:09 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

Yes, this rusty old Dodge is right outside the Arta Gallery where we had our ceremony and reception.

June 21, 2013 @ 5:10 PM


You have a real winner there Mike.
Out of curiosity what nationality is Monica?

June 21, 2013 @ 5:47 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


Monica is of Filipino descent.

June 21, 2013 @ 6:06 PM


Mike your wife is lovely. Congrats man and even though I have never met you. It could not happen to a nicer guy!!!!

June 22, 2013 @ 1:47 PM


Kumusta Mike, I have been shacking up for 9 years with a Filipino. I understand your Kitchen comments all too well!
Congratulations on your marriage and wish you the very best in your futures together....BTW I sure hope you like singing!

Best regards,


June 22, 2013 @ 2:04 PM


Nice photos, Mike. They are different from your more-common professional photographs. I think that, if you are not on your first wedding, you have more license to do things differently. Congratulations to you and Monica. Wishing you many years of happiness together.

June 22, 2013 @ 2:25 PM


Love the shot of the old truck at Distillery. You guys look great. Congratulations!

June 23, 2013 @ 12:11 AM


We all like Ken's style too. Great pics.

June 23, 2013 @ 11:45 AM

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