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For Dave Price, One of the Daves I Know

For Dave Price

Dave Price is Rob Ford's Director of Logistics and Operations.  Back in April, when we thought he was Robbie's old football coach, I didn't like the optics.  We taxpayers were paying Price's salary to do who knows what and it reeked of payback.  We have since learned from the Globe and Mail that Price is in fact Doug Ford's old hash dealing partner in crime.  Like Dougie said, "You can't teach loyalty".

Recently, Dave Price was revealed to be a frequent caller into Rob and Doug's radio show on 1010.  Dave would pretend to be a wide assortment of Toronto Dave's, raving about the Mayor and trashing his rivals.  Somehow, Rob and Doug were never able to recognize his voice.

Don Peat, on the other hand, recognized Dave Price's voice when he called the Toronto Sun to complain about their headline for this story.  Price has since been suspended for a week without pay.

This song is for Dave Price, a.k.a. Dave from Scarborough, Dave from Etobicoke, Dave from North York, etc.

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