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My Mark McCoy and The Toronto Star Story

My Mark McCoy and The Toronto Star Story

I went to high school at Michael Power / St. Joseph's.  Today the school is located near Centennial Park in Etobicoke, but when I attended the school, it was nested between Bloor and Dundas just west of Islington.  Today, you'll find Michael Power Place condos where I once studied history.

During the warmer months, I would bike to school.  I had a great route along Dundas that would get me to school in 15 minutes.  This little story took place after school one afternoon as I was set to depart on my bike.

Across the street from the school was the 22 Division police station.  I saw a camera man taking pictures and decided to get a closer look.  That's when the camera man spotted me and asked me to come over.

He introduced me to Mark McCoy, who would go on to win an Olympic gold medal in the 110 metres hurdles.  I was a sports nut, and I knew who Mark McCoy was.  The photographer told me he was with the Toronto Star and wanted a picture of me on my bike talking to Mark McCoy.  I posed for a few shots, enjoyed some humourous exchanges with Mark McCoy and went on my way, expecting to be in the next day's Toronto Star.

Then, I told my brothers... I was going to be in The Star!  I grew up with home delivery of The Star, so getting a copy would be easy.  The next morning I grabbed the paper and started searching for the picture of me and Mark McCoy.  It didn't exist.

I continued to check for the next week or so before giving up.  For a very long time my brothers would suggest I made the whole thing up.  I didn't of course, because if I were going to make up a story about posing with an athlete for the Toronto Star, I'd have had myself posing with Doug Gilmour or Wendel Clark or Roberto Alomar.

There's a lesson for all of us in this true tale.... if a photographer ever snaps your picture for the paper, don't tell a soul until it's published.

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