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Roger Ebert, Dead at 70

In Memorium

Roger Ebert was 70.  He was the Pulitzer Prize-winning movie critic for the Chicago Sun-Times for more than 45 years and for more than three decades the co-host of one of the most powerful programs in television history.

I was always a very big fan.  Here's something I wrote about the man when he recorded his final episode of "Ebert and Roeper".

Locals will remember when he was attacked at Slumdog Millionaire during the TIFF in 2008.  It didn't stop him from finishing the movie, however, and he'd accurately predict it would win the Oscar on his way out.

I tweeted this, just yesterday:

Here's hoping Roger Ebert continues to write while he battles cancer again. He was always too strong a writer to be a mere "movie reviewer".— Toronto Mike (@torontomike) April 3, 2013

I didn't always agree with Roger Ebert, but I loved hearing and reading his honest and insightful reviews for as long as I can remember.  I'm going to miss him.

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