The House That Heaven Built - Japandroids

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Does Rosie like the Japandroids?

January 9, 2013 @ 8:27 AM

519 Rob

Incredible album.
One of my Top 10 from 2012. And to think The Japandroids were THIS close to breaking up...

January 9, 2013 @ 8:40 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

I was thinking when Rosie and I come back with Toronto Mike'd 2.0 we should open with this track before transitioning to the regular theme song...

And yes, I realize I'm posting this months late, but better late than never.

January 9, 2013 @ 9:48 AM



Rosie really, really does.

I like your rotini with beef recipe! It would be awesome topped with ricotta

January 9, 2013 @ 10:29 AM


That's my top album for 2012.
I got a good laugh from a quip by a young reviewer who described Celebration Rock as a great album for 40 year olds.

January 9, 2013 @ 1:12 PM


This was Strobo's #1 for 2012.
Amazing song.

January 9, 2013 @ 8:52 PM

Blind Dave

I love it!

How about making this your permanent opener instead?

January 10, 2013 @ 9:50 PM

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