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2012 Was an Amazing Year

2012 Looked Almost Nothing Like 2011

Although I never wrote about it here, almost everything in my life changed dramatically in 2011.  There were changes in regards to where I live, where I work, my romantic life and just about everything in between. 2011 was a year of great change, but 2012 was amazing.

In 2012, everything was fantastic.  What happened to me in 2012?

I Visited Europe Thrice
In January, I visited Berlin, and in August I visited Amsterdam.  I revisited Amsterdam in September while also spending time in Paris and Dublin.  It was all amazing.

I Mastered the Art of Working From Home
It took me a few months to master the art of working from home, but once I cracked the code, I became most efficient without sacrificing an ounce of mental or physical health.  My new work-life structure agrees with me.

I Won Father of the Year
Whether it was Monster Jam, taking my son to his first Leafs game, Medieval Times, Snow White, Shrek the Musical or the best camping trip ever, I've never had a more fun year with the kids than I did in 2012.  They're my pride and joy and I love them to pieces.

I Got In The Best Shape of My Life
I came back from Germany a bloated 85kg and now maintain a lean and mean 67kg.  I biked all summer and now swim five days a week.  In 2012 I stopped wishing I was in better shape and finally did something about it.  I've never felt better.

I Had a Blast
I finally saw Public Enemy live and they were better than I had ever dared dream.  I also saw Neil Young after idolizing him for 25 years and I closed out the year with an amazing set by Lowest of the Low at the Horseshoe Tavern.  Great music, great trips to Europe, fun times with the kids... I had a blast in 2012.

I Got Engaged to an Amazing Gal
Last, but certainly not least, I got engaged to an amazing woman in 2012.  I'm a very lucky guy.


It's as if I tore everything down in 2011 and rebuilt it all in 2012.  I can't wait for 2013.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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