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Rob Ford Removed From Office #holyshit

Rob Ford Removed as Mayor

An Ontario judge has ruled that Rob Ford violated the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and will be removed from office.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Charles T. Hackland said in a ruling released Monday that Ford violated the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act when he spoke and participated in a council vote regarding a financial penalty he was ordered to pay. The penalty relates to donations he solicited for his football charity.
The ruling Monday takes effect in 14 days because Hackland said he recognized the decision "will necessitate administrative changes in the City of Toronto."

This quote from Judge Hackland's ruling is most damning:

It is difficult to accept an error in judgment defence based essentially on a stubborn sense of entitlement and a dismissive and confrontational attitude to the Integrity Commish and the Code of Conduct. In my opinion, the respondent's actions were characterized by ignorance of the law and a lack of diligence in securing professional advice, amounting to wilful blindness.

Everyone knows how I felt about this mayor.  I'm just sorry he's got another 14 days and possibly longer with appeals, etc.  Earlier today I said I'd be flabbergasted if Ford was removed from office.  Right now I'm flabbergasted, and it feels so good.  There's hope for this city once more.

And to Mr. Ford I have but two words: good riddance.

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