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Rob Ford is an extremely polarizing political figure in this city.  Actually, beyond this city.  Most of the comments on the Rob Ford Removed From Office entry are from commenters I happen to know live outside the 416, but that's okay.  Everyone is entitled to express their opinions here.

Some people think Rob Ford is a great mayor while others think he's a terrible mayor.  Some think he's an honest man while others consider him a liar.  Some think the process that removed him from office is a sham while others see it as a fundamental and important component of our political system that keeps elected officials in check and protects citizens from corruption.  Like I said, he's a polarizing figure.  Just look at how Toronto voted for mayor and you'll see what I mean.


There are other polarizing topics that pop up on this blog from time to time.  Religion, for example.  Some believe religion to be a very good thing while others believe it to be a very bad thing.  Even in technology there are factions.  Some love everything Apple, some avoid Apple products at all cost.  And what about music? If I post a rap song, I know some will hate it because it's rap.  Others hate rock.  Some only listen to country music.  Everyone has an opinion.

For the record, in case you're new here, I dislike Rob Ford and feel the process that removed him from office is fair, but I'm not planning any parade here. I'd have preferred to have defeated him in an election.

And I don't like religion, enjoy both rap and rock, dislike country music, avoid all things Apple and believe Cheers was better with Coach than with Woody.  But I stand by my 10-year record: no comment with an alternative opinion has ever been modified or deleted.  Not one.

So please, don't hesitate to share you opinion in these comments.  If you agree with me, great!  If you don't, great!  I respect alternative opinions just as much as I respect my own.

~ Mike

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