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Minecraft: My Kid Loves It

Minecraft: My Kids Love It

My son is 10-years old and obsessed with Minecraft.  The same is true with his friends.  Minecraft is their video game of choice.

I've seen him play it, but I don't really get Minecraft.  He's home sick, so I just chatted him up about it.

Daddy: What do you like about Minecraft?
James: I like to build things and kill people. I like to play multi-player to chat with people.
Daddy: It's not nice to kill people.
James: It's different. It's not real life.
James: I'd play every day if I could.
Daddy: The graphics kind of suck though...
James: It's supposed to be like that.  Everything is supposed to be in block form.

So there you have it.  Minecraft: blocky but good.

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