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My Visit to Humble and Fred Radio

My Visit to Humble and Fred Radio

I was at the first Humble and Fred podcast back in 2006.  I was also there in October when they started their daily podcast, and I sat in for the first two weeks of shows.  But I haven't been there much lately, in fact, it's been months since I attended a recording.  But today I biked over to the studio to visit the guys.

You can hear my appearance here.  I followed David Wilcox and come in at 51:47.

As you'll hear, the guys were taken aback by my appearance.  There's 40lbs less of me, and at first they assumed I was dying.  Well, we're all dying, but I'm hoping I have another 50 years in me.  I've never felt better.

Here's what I've done that caught the guys by surprise.

2012-07-19 09.26.06.jpg

I explain everything, starting at 51:47.

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