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The Microsoft Surface Tablet is Coming

The Microsoft Surface Tablet

I've tried a few different tablets over the past few years.  In fact, there's one next to my bed right now.  I rarely touch it.

It seems I like using a laptop.  I've got a laptop next to the bed and I just grab it and do my surfing or writing or viewing or whatever.  I never reach for the tablet, always preferring the laptop.

When I just want to read something quick, I'll grab my Samsung Galaxy S II phone.  That's my "tablet" of choice.

Microsoft is ready to enter the tablet game, having unveiled their Surface tablet.  It's a nice looking piece of hardware with a couple of nifty features the iPad doesn't have.  I think the Touch and Type covers are pretty cool.

Hopefully Microsoft has learned a lot from their disastrous Zune experience.  I doubt the folks at Apple are shaking in their boots, but the Surface is interesting enough that you can't immediately dismiss it.  I mean, it even has a built-in kickstand!

I'll stick with my laptop and Android phone, but if you're looking for an iPad that runs Windows, you'll definitely want to check out the Surface.

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