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2012 Playoff Pool Update

Playoff Pool

I meant to post this following round 2, but here it is with round 3 already underway

The Lamster Line will remain in tact as my Palma Pasta buddy tied it with 22.  But who of the 14 poolies will be taking home cold hard cash?  There are three with a shot at winning, and each is relying on a different team.

Bob could win with his Kings.  Bob's an awesome guy and I'm sure he'll tip the Commish if he wins.

Pats could win with his Coyotes.  Pats is a better guy than he is a right fielder, but he won in 2009 and I doubt he'll tip the Commish if he wins.

My brother Steve could win with his Rangers.  Although Steve won last year and there's no way he'll tip the Commish if he wins.

It's going to be a fun finish.

For the current standings go here.

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