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The Comedy Network Logo Switcheroo


My favourite blog for branding, Brand New, tells me our Comedy Network has been re-branded.

Here's the before and after Comedy Network logos.


As silly as the old logo was, the new one is simply too simple.  It's the word "comedy" in lower case Gill Sans Ultra font.  Nothing more.  It's encouraging in that it's a logo I could have designed myself, but not the tour de force Bell Media would have you believe it is.  Here's an excerpt from the press release.

Simple yet limitless in its potential use, the fun and colourful new branding for Comedy allows for the channel’s personalities to be integrated into applications of the new elements. […]
“Our ultimate goal with this rebrand is to develop a new look that’s fresh, spirited and has the versatility to work on every platform,” said Jon Arklay, Vice-President, Creative and Brand, Bell Media Agency. “Be it on-air, in print or on digital platforms, this is a new image that connects us with comedy in all media.”

Now that's comedy!

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