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Billie From Mad Dog and Billie Fired From Virgin Radio


Speaking of Toronto morning radio hosts getting fired from Astral-owned stations, my buddy Marc tells me Billie from Mad Dog and Billie has been fired from Virgin Radio.

According to a source, Billie - whose real name is Amanda Dunn - was canned from the station today after five years. She and Mad Dog (whose real name is Jay Doudelet) previously worked together for three years on 98.1 CHFI following a stint at KISS 92.5.
Dunn's termination comes on the heels of the end of her marriage to Peter Luciano, a business lawyer with Toronto firm McCarthy Tetrault and former member of Canadian boy band VIP. The couple are parents to a two-year-old daughter.

It's a strange coincidence that we learn about Billie's dismissal today.  Back in 2006, it was Mad Dog and Billie who replaced Humble Howard when he was canned from Mix 999.  Earlier today, Humble Howard broke his silence and wrote about being fired a second time, this time from Boom 97.3.

Billie won't likely be resurfacing at Boom, as Stu Jeffries has that morning gig.  Yes, the very same Stu Jeffries who was canned from his gig with Colleen Rusholme at EZ Rock and replaced by... Humble Howard.

See how Toronto radio works?

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